Israeli Literature as a Window to a Diverse and Vibrant Society

Encounter Israeli society through the pens of Israel’s leading writers, discovering voices that are original, frank, contemporary, and heartfelt. This 10-lesson course takes you on a literary journey offering a fresh and fascinating examination of Israeli society. Together, learners will read poetry and prose that is challenging and self-critical, gaining insights into the Israeli national psyche through written reflections on themes including longing for Zion, War, Peace, Immigration, Land and Identity. Learners will interpret, analyze, and simply appreciate the works of classic Israeli writers such as Leah Goldberg, Yehuda Amichai, Dalia Ravikovitch and Amos Oz, as well as voices from outside the mainstream that have emerged and paint a multidimensional picture of a proud and complex nation.

Table of Contents: 

  1. If I Forget Thee... Longing For Zion
  2.  Our Words:  Speak Hebrew!
  3.  Tel Aviv: The First Hebrew City
  4.  A Poet and His City: Amichai’s Jerusalem
  5.  The Trauma of the Shoah
  6.  From the Four Corners: Immigrants Write Themselves into Israeli Society
  7.  The Clash Between Land and Identities
  8.  Pro Patria Mori: War and Its Impact
  9.  Yearning For Peace
  10.  On a Personal Note 
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